Avril Lavigne engaged to Chad Kroeger? It's safe to say nobody saw this one coming, though the pair obviously think it's time to take their relationship to the next level - just 6 months after meeting. The couple spoke for the first time about their whirlwind romance in the latest issue of Hello! Canada magazine.
Kroeger - of American rockers Nickelback - spoke of falling for Avril while the pair worked on her fifth studio album in Paris, saying, "I knew I was falling for her. It was incredibly powerful and something I'll never forget". The 37-year-old says he feels "like the luckiest person alive". As for Lavigne, well, she seems to be pretty much head over heels for the musician (who is 10 years her senior), gushing, "He makes me laugh every day. He takes care of me in every way and is extremely attentive". News of the engagement led to a flurry of activity on Twitter. Both musicians are often the focus of mockery anyway - so an engagement was always going to delight the cheeky Twitter masses. One user tweeted, "Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger from Nickelback are getting married? I didn't know Canada allowed Same Sucks Marriage", while another mused, "A positive thought: They have a child. It rebels. And becomes an actual musician". A slightly more damning tweet read, "Why is everyone freaking out about Chavril? This saves at least two other people from horrible relationships!".
Despite Nickelback's massive commercial success, they hold a reputation as one of the most hated bands in music. Last year, they were invited to play at a Detroit Lions football game, though an online petition protesting the performance drew over 55,000 signatures.