Avril Lavigne has criticised paparazzi photographers for the way they treat Britney Spears.

The US singer claimed that she had problems with the press herself but nothing compared to the experiences of Spears.

In an interview with Maxim magazine, Lavigne said: "No one else has it as hard as Britney. I feel bad for her.

"How does she even think with all those flashbulbs? When I'm being followed, everything's thrown off," she said.

"They run lights. They cause accidents. She can’t even walk to her car."

British actor Ewan McGregor also recently expressed sympathy for the way Britney Spears was hounded by the press.

He claimed the behaviour of the paparazzi made him "feel sick".

"I feel sad for her because I look at those pictures of ambulances outside her house and there are hundreds of paparazzi photographers. It makes me feel sick," he told the Sunday Herald.

16/02/2008 12:43:50