Avril Lavigne is celebrating after scoring a number one album on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean - in America and Britain.

The Canadian star's new CD UNDER MY SKIN topped the charts in Britain at the weekend (30MAY04) and has followed that by shooting to the top in America.

She sold 381,000 copies of her new album to end Usher's run at the top of the Billboard album charts.

It's the first time she has been at the top of the American charts - her 2002 debut album, LET GO, entered the album chart at number eight and climbed to number two. It has since passed the six million mark in the US, and the 14 million mark worldwide.

Masked rockers Slipknot also enjoyed a big sales week - their new album VOL. 3: THE SUBLIMINAL VERSES crashed into the charts at number two with sales of 243,000 copies.

Meanwhile, George Michael's appearance on Oprah Winfrey's chart show last week (ends28MAY04) has given him a sales boost in America - his new album PATIENCE has shot up from number 29 to number 12 on the chart.

02/06/2004 20:56