Californian rockers Avi Buffalo have called it quits.

Founding member Avi Zahner-Isenberg has announced via that the musicians, who released their debut album in 2010, will not be renewing their contract with the Sub Pop record label.

The singer reveals the project left him feeling "depressed" and he is keen to move forward and devote his time to other ventures.

In a post on the social networking website, he writes, "The Avi Buffalo project went too far, and I don't think this project was meant for even the minute exposure on a 'professional' scale that it got, as it ended up causing a lot more pain and drained my creative energy. It makes me wake up sick, confused, depressed, out of touch with myself and irrelevant to current music's existence. I know ya'll (sic) wouldn't want me to stay like that! Other more exciting and meaningful creative endeavours are what I have sought after instead, and as I am a spritely, young 24 year old, I've gotta lot of work to do and no time to be devoted to a sluggish incarnation of my teenaged self."