The 43-year-old filmmaker unveiled her Platinum Label collector's Mattel doll on Monday (07Dec15), and all one thousand units have sold.

Ava is thrilled with the popularity of her dreadlocked mini-me, and she believes the doll can inspire owners to be kinder to others.

"Everyone should be able to see themselves," she explained on TV show Good Morning America. "That's really what my point is in doing this. Images and balance in storytelling, our imagination, is something that should be embraced and widened and expanded, so that's what I'm hoping this does - changes the view of who we think a director can be, changes the view of who we think a Barbie should look like."

Ava's doll comes with her trademark sneakers and a director's chair, but she reveals the Barbie's hair was fundamental to her agreeing to the collaboration with Mattel toymakers.

"The natural hairstyle was very important to me," she said. "I think that's something that should be celebrated - the differences in all of us. With so much rhetoric about collapsing who we are, it's about expansion and celebrating everyone."

While the Ava Barbie was a resounding success, the director doesn't think any more will be made.

"It was always supposed to be a limited run," she added. "It was only supposed to be one doll, and it was by popular demand that it was expanded. So it was a short-term celebration but a good thing."

DuVernay is only the sixth celebrity to be Barbie-fied as part of Mattel's Sheroes line - and she loved the attention to detail: "It's pretty cool. She's got the chair, she's got the swag. She's ready to call, 'Action...!' It's a different view of Barbie... It feels like me...

"They put it on sale yesterday at 10am Pacific (Standard Time) and it was sold out by 10.20."