Austin Powers beauty Elizabeth Hurley becomes violently ill whenever she visits husband-to-be Arun Nayar's native India - sparking fears for their forthcoming wedding in Mumbai.

The model-turned-actress is so allergic to the water and food in the exotic country, she has to cover her mouth whenever she takes a shower, and she always picks up "a horrific bacterial" disease every time she visits.

She complains, "Annoyingly, I get sick every time I go - a horrific bacterial thing where you end up on a drip for five days.

"I have a dry flannel right across my mouth like a gag when I take a shower. When I take my make-up off at night I don't let water touch my lips.

"I feel like the looniest of Californians. My ambition is to go to India and stay healthy. It's hard."

05/06/2005 21:21