At least a dozen people have been killed and 50 wounded in Aurora, CO, asuburb of Denver, after a masked gunman wearing body armor reportedly kickedopen an exit door of a theater where a midnight screening of The DarkKnight Rises was in progress, set off a smoke or tear-gas canister, andbegan firing randomly into the crowd. Several of the victims reportedly weresmall children, including at least one baby. Three theaters in the Century16 Movie Theaters at the Aurora Town Center were showing the film at thetime, and witnesses said the man entered each of them and opened fire.Nineteen-year-old Salina Jordan told the Denver Post that she waswatching the movie in Theater 8 when she heard what sounded likefirecrackers coming from Theater 9. Then, she told the newspaper, someoneran into the theater yelling, "They're shooting out here." She told ofseeing one girl who had been struck in The Cheek, others in the stomach. Oneof the victims, she said, appeared to be a girl of about nine. Police,responding to 911 calls, entered the theater and ordered everyone to leave.They later issued a statement saying that they had taken into custody a24-year-old man, whose name was not disclosed. They said he surrenderedwithout incident. The Post reported that fifteen persons had died inthe attack, ten at the scene, five at local hospitals. Other reports put thedeath toll at fourteen. UPDATE The suspect in the Aurora, CO shooting has been identified byfederal authorities as James Holmes, a former resident of San Diego who haddropped out of a doctoral program in neuroscience at the University ofColorado medical school last month. USA Today quoted federalauthorities as saying that the suspect was "not on anybody's radar"previously. According to the Denver Post , he described himself as"quite and easy going" in an apartment rental application last year. (Anearlier report identifying the shooter as possibly an employee of a nearby24-Hour Fitness club with the same name was quickly denied by the club.)Taken into custody, he told police that he had a cache of explosives at hisapartment. They later confirmed that The Apartment was booby-trapped with a"pretty sophisticated device."