Audrina Patridge hopes her beauty routine will save her from turning to plastic surgery in the future.

The 26-year-old star uses sunscreen day and night and tries to keep her skin moisturised at all times and is confident the preventative measures will allow her to age gracefully rather than having to rely on Botox or other extreme methods in order to keep her youthful looks.

She told People: "[My mom] taught us to always moisturise. After you get out of the shower in the morning, moisturise your elbows, your knees and your hands because they get really dark and chapped and you can tell. So it's really important to hydrate your skin and drink a lot of water.

"I do wear sunblock a lot more than I ever have because I'm 26 now, so I am starting to notice the sun damage and more freckles on my arms or my chest. I'm very conscious of that, so I wear sunblock - 70 [proof] on my face every day, and when I dress up at night, I just bronze it up so you don't even know the difference."

"I haven't really considered [surgery]. Right now I'm just all about preventing it and using products . So I'm really trying to avoid the whole facial surgery thing. A lot of people turn to getting surgery, but if you prevent [skin damage] before it gets to that point, you won't have to do it. So I wear sunblock, I moisturise, and I wash [my face] on a daily and nightly basis."

The former 'Hills' star is hopeful her routine will work but admits her good genes could also play a part.

She said: "I think that my grandma has amazing skin and she's in her 60s. So hopefully I'll have skin like hers when I'm older and I won't have to do anything."