Audrina Patridge's divorce has been really ''hard''.

The 'Hills: New Beginnings' star has split from Corey Bohan - who is the father on her three-year-old daughter Kirra - and she admits it has been difficult to deal with.

Speaking to her friend Heidi Montag on a preview for their reality show, she said: ''I just have been going through a lot on the personal side of things. With court and custody, just everything at once. It's hard. Oh God, it's been so hard lately ... My little girl is my pride and joy, and she literally is an angel sent from God. I could cry, I love her so much. You get so used to having someone there all the time and then it's just like getting used to being on your own.''

Audrina previously confessed she thinks getting divorced was like ''mourning a death''.

She said: ''Divorce is like mourning a death. You're ending a chapter in your life. And when you have a child in the mix, it makes things harder. Then, to add in publicity and people judging you ... makes it a million times worse ... I needed to close a door so I could keep moving forward in my life and not look back. I pray we can eventually be friends and not have animosity between us.''

And the reality star credits the show for helping her get her life back on track and she'll always be grateful for the support of her co-stars.

She said: ''My life was a mess when the opportunity to do the show again came back. I was going through a divorce and I was moving. There were times when I broke down on camera because I couldn't hold it together. But my 'Hills' family was so supportive and loving. They were there for me. Being a mother gives you purpose. Kirra is my everything. So [being back on 'The Hills'] is a new chapter for me. I have a daughter to protect.''