Audrina Patridge is thinking about getting married.

The former 'The Hills' star admits she and her on/off boyfriend Corey Bohan have ''talked about'' tying the knot, but insists they aren't engaged just yet.

The 28-year-old aspiring actress told that the Australian BXM racer is the love of her life, saying: ''We've been off and on for almost five years, but we've been solid.''

The brunette beauty, added: ''There's so much pressure from the media and other people, so we try not to tell everyone our business. It will be up to us.''

Audrina, who has previously dated Ryan Cabrera, Mark Salling and Chris Pine, also revealed that she has never felt so secure in a relationship.

She explained: ''With other guys in the past I dated, I never felt safe. We'd go out and I felt like I had to defend them, and so with Corey I feel like I'm safe -- he's a guy's guy. He's not afraid to get dirty and that's what I like about him. He's not super metro.''

Despite talking about marriage, Audrina admitted the couple still spend a lot of time apart as Corey travels a lot.

She said: ''Whenever he's in different countries it's opposite time, so we won't even talk to each other on the phone for like five days. We'll hear from each other maybe once every few days, so it does get hard, but you just have to stay busy and keep moving so you don't have that time to sit.''