Audrina Patridge says there's ''no bad blood'' between Kaitlynn Carter and Brody Jenner in the wake of their split.

The former couple called time on their romance over the summer, and their 'The Hills: New Beginnings' co-star Audrina has insisted they're ''still friends'' and don't have any ''beef'' with one another.

Speaking about their relationship, Audrina said: ''I feel like ... to each his own, basically. Every relationship is different, there's no right, there's no wrong. It's whatever works, works for each couple. But, you know, Brody and Kaitlynn are still friends. There's no beef or bad blood between them.

''There were a lot of rumours circling around and, of course, everyone is going to talk about it because it's something like, 'What? Did you hear this? What does that mean?' It's something exciting to talk about.''

Since splitting from Brody, 31-year-old Kaitlynn has been reported to have started a romance with Miley Cyrus - who also recently split from estranged husband Liam Hemsworth - and Audrina couldn't be happier about the news.

She added: ''I love Miley so I mean, as long as they're happy. I really don't know anything about it, but I've seen photos. They seem happy.''

But Audrina isn't taking sides in the split, as she'd also love to see Brody, 36, find happiness in his new relationship with model Josie Canseco.

Speaking to E! News, she said: ''I want Brody to be happy, too. I think he's gone through a lot. In time everyone figures out who they're supposed to be with and where their life is going. Life is hard sometimes.''

Meanwhile, Brody recently referred to Kaitlynn as his ''best friend'' when he defended her against criticism in the wake of their split.

He shared on social media: ''There is far too much negativity being directed at someone who I love and care about very much. I feel the need to set the story straight. Kaitlynn and I have been best friends for 6 years, and we continue to be. We, like many others before us and many after us, grew in different directions over those same 6 years.

''Kaitlynn is a wonderful person, beautiful and fun to be with, always a positive force in my life. We decided the best move for both of us was to keep our love for watch other strong but move forward separately with our lives. I respect Kaitlynn and care deeply about her. She deserves to be able to move forward with her life with respect and happiness. (sic)''