French actress Audrey Tautou has ruled out a permanent move to Hollywood despite acknowledging it would help her career - because she fears living in Los Angeles would inflate her ego.
The star has risen to international fame with roles in award-winning film Amelie and The Da Vinci Code, opposite Tom Hanks.
However, Tautou, who still lives in Paris, prefers working close to home - because she is convinced stars who live in Hollywood are pursuing glory and fame rather than good roles.
She tells the New York Daily News, "I like to visit Hollywood, but I wouldn't like to settle there...
"I don't think about my work in terms of a 'career'. I have the ambition to try to do very good movies and try to work with great directors and I try to do my best. My intention is much more for doing something worthwhile than about the glory. I feel myself as being more of an artisan than as an actress."