French actress Audrey Tautou felt so intimidated by media attention following the release of smash movie AMELIE in 2001, she began to worry she'd chosen the wrong career. The private 27-year-old, who stars alongside Tom Hanks in The Da Vinci Code, likens the never-ending barrage of reporters and photographers to having a "tumour" which won't go away. She says, "It was all so sudden and brutal. I remember being out in public after the film opened in France and it was like my life had changed. Everyone was looking at me, everyone wanted to talk to me. "I would try to disguise myself with large hats and dark glasses but still people recognised me and talked to me as if I was Jesus Christ, as if I could teach them something valuable. "It was overwhelming and I found it difficult to live with. I longed to be anonymous again but I knew it wasn't possible. "There was so much fuss I started to wonder if I had chosen the wrong profession. The attention was painful, like a tumour. "As for the movies, I knew that I had to make the right choices - and that meant not doing what was expected of me." Despite Amelie's success, Tautou shunned several Hollywood movie roles to work on a string of low-budget French films, before accepting her role in The Da Vinci Code, out this month (MAY06).