French actress Audrey Tautou has slammed the religious controversy surrounding her new film The Da Vinci Code, insisting critics should remember the work is based on fiction. Tautou, who plays cryptologist SOPHIE NEVEU in the adaptation, is baffled by the furore because the movie is only intended as entertainment. And, after being brought up in a church-going culture, the actress insists she'd never sign up for a film that was derogatory or insulting to the Christian faith. She says, "The controversy, any of it, doesn't worry me. "There have been hundreds of books written on this subject and this is just fiction; it's not a true story or a documentary. It's also not a religious movie. "I was brought up going to church, although I'm not officially a Catholic, and I do believe in God, well, my God. "But everyone should be aware that this is just a thriller."