Audrey Tautou has "hardly any time" for her friends.

The 'Beautiful Lies' actress insists she has no interest in joining social networking websites because she already struggles to maintain her friendships without adding further pressure on herself.

She said: "I'm not at all interested in social networking sites. Virtual relationships are not my thing. I have hardly any time for my close friends so would have even less time for a virtual group of acquaintances."

While she doesn't see her friends much, the French actress can be "maternal" with her pals but tries to resist The Urge to interfere with their lives.

She said: "I don't like to interfere with other people's lives because I understand that we cannot make other people happy when they are unhappy.

"I can be maternal with my friends. Often, I can understand if you want to interfere with someone's life, especially if they are feeling bad."