Audrey Tautou isn't ''interested'' in the red carpet.

The 'Mood Indigo' actress has never felt comfortable in the spotlight, and though she accepts public appearances and promotion work are part of her job, she doesn't particularly enjoy that side of her career.

She said: ''I don't feel like I've improved on the red carpet. I've tried to improve my performance, but I can't say I'm especially interested in it. So I do what I have to do, but I always hope it's going to be the minimum. It's very bad for an actress, but I can't help it!''

The 37-year-old beauty accepted the lead role in 'Mood Indigo' after being sent a special gift from director Michel Gondry - even though she didn't understand his present at first.

She explained to Vulture: ''He gave me a wonderful gift when he proposed me the part: He made me a cartoon! A little animation movie, where he is in Brooklyn and flies over the ocean to Paris to see me with a letter about the part -- and I didn't understand it.

''I didn't even know he was preparing a movie! So it was a bit mysterious for me until he made it clear, and then I was very happy, because I knew it would be a special experience.''