Audrey Tautou claims men find her ''a pain'' because she doesn't do what they tell her.

'The French star claims all the men in her life see her as a challenge because of her strong personality and reluctance to submit to please the opposite sex.

Audrey told the Metro newspaper: ''All the boys that I have known say that I can be a pain. I have a very strong character and just because I'm a woman don't mean I'm going to do what the man wants.''

The 37-year-old actress believes her feminist attitude towards roles in Hollywood has limited her career options because most female characters simply aren't ''interesting'' enough for her to be bothered to play.

She added: ''It's not easy or common to find very interesting and central female characters; I try to get those parts though because I'm not interested in playing a part where she serves soup to the guy.''

Meanwhile, Audrey - who recently starred in French film, 'Mood Indigo' - says lack of good female roles is why she hasn't made a Hollywood film since she starred alongside Tom Hanks in 2006 'The Da Vinci Code' and she is also hesitant to make a permanent move Stateside.

She continued: ''A Hollywood career is a very special choice of living because you are far from everybody, far from your friends. This would not be a good balance for me ... to have a career there would be too much of a sacrifice.

''They also have really wonderful actresses there but not many wonderful parts, it would be difficult for me to find something else.''