Actress Audrey Tautou was forced to skip the premiere of her new drama Mood Indigo at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in the Czech Republic on Friday (28Jun13) after she was involved in a nasty bicycle accident.

The Da Vinci Code star was scheduled to help French director Michel Gondry open the prestigious event with a screening of their upcoming movie, but she backed out of the gig at the last minute.

Tautou sustained only minor injuries, but Gondry joked, "Lucky that we shot the film before Audrey had her accident - she is very pretty there."

The 48th annual festival kicked off on Friday, with actor John Travolta taking home the Crystal Globe lifetime achievement award during a special ceremony at the the Hotel Thermal.

Accepting the prize, the Grease hunk told the crowd, "Being an actor is such an interesting journey. We are asked to reflect humanity, mankind. It is our own personal interpretation of that. It does not mean you are going to agree with that or even like it, but I'm so thrilled that you with agree with interpretation. I've said it before - to be or not to be. I am glad that you allow me to be."

The festival runs through 7 July (13).