Audioslave rocker TOM MORELLO showed off his animal loving side at the weekend (07-08MAY05) when he took time away from a show in Havana, Cuba, to take care of a sick dog.

The former RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE star was upset to see so many starving strays on the streets of Havana and decided to do what little he could for one pooch he discovered hanging around the group's hotel.

MTV newsman JOHN NORRIS, who accompanied Audioslave on their historic trip to Cuba, says, "Tom loves dogs. I mean he really loves dogs. There are strays all over Havana.

"One that hung out at our hotel was the sweetest dog you've ever seen, but clearly had been injured and needed some food, a vet and a home.

"Morello saw to all of it - in fact, even when we were at the airport getting set to leave Havana, he was making sure the dog who we all named AUDIO - was on his way to his new owner."

09/05/2005 21:20