LATEST: Former Audioslave star TOM MORELLO is puzzled by former bandmate Chris Cornell's claims his split with the group was "amicable" - because the singer has yet to talk to him about his decision to quit. Guitarist Morello reveals he learned of Cornell's plans to go solo when a friend told him the frontman had released a press release to WENN, revealing his plans. He says, "I still haven't heard from Chris Cornell, frankly, that he quit the band... A friend of mine told me there was a press release. "Chris, I consider a good friend and I love that guy... and we went through a lot together, both musically and personally." Morello admits he still thought Audioslave had a future when Cornell announced his solo plans. The guitarist adds, "It was my belief that the band's friendship and roots were deep." Morello has since reformed Rage Against The MAChine and is touring solo as The Nightwatchman.