LATEST: Former Audioslave singer Chris Cornell has come clean about the reasons behind his decision to quit the group - he hated the fact that every decision had to be negotiated. The rocker shocked the music world when he announced his decision to relaunch his solo career in a press release, citing "irresolvable personality conflicts" and "musical differences" for his decision to leave the band back in February (07). He revealed he and his bandmates weren't "getting along" but refused to go into great detail about his departure. But now, after comments former bandmate TOM MORELLO made recently about his departure from the group, Cornell has chosen to speak out about the split. He tells, "Tom and I did have communications about the fact that I was gonna go make a record, and that I was tired of what ended up seeming like political negotiations toward how we were gonna do Audioslave business and getting nowhere with it. "We had back and forths about that, and we also, as a band, sat in a room with other people trying to work this out on numerous occasions, and it wasn't really happening. "I still will always say that everybody did their best, I think, to try to come to some sort of an agreement, but it literally did sort of turn into these, like, negotiations, you know, almost like you're negotiating a contract with a record company, something like that. "I can make my own records and I don't have to do that with myself."