Rock supergroup Audioslave made history on Friday night (06MAY05) by becoming the first American rock group to play an outdoor free show in Cuba.

The band, featuring Rage Against The Machine founder Tom Morello and former Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, performed at the famous La Tribuna in Havana in front 50,000 fans.

The trip, which was authorised by the US Treasury Department and featured the group visiting historical sites and interacting with Havana youths, was filmed for an upcoming DVD.

Rock fan OMAR JUANES gushed, "This is the best thing that has happened here this year!"

And Cuba's young rockers, who have developed a taste for grunge, thrash and metal in recent years, are hoping heavier rock bands will follow Audioslave's lead.

Concert-goer WALTER DELGADO said, "We would like to have stronger music - bands like Metallica. But we are happy for the first time in our rock and roll history."

08/05/2005 14:36