Rock supergroup Audioslave are hoping to make history on Friday night (06MAY05) by becoming the first American rock group to play an outdoor free show in Cuba.

The group, featuring Rage Against The Machine founder Tom Morello and former Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, will perform at the famous La Tribuna in Havana before an expected 50,000 fans.

The trip, which was authorised by the US Treasury Department and will feature the group visiting historical sites and interacting with Havana youths, will be filmed for an upcoming Audioslave DVD.

Meanwhile, the rockers are also planning to shut down a section of Los Angeles' Hollywood Boulevard on 18 May (05) for another free show, during which they'll perform songs from their new album OUT OF EXILE.

Los Angeles-based guitarist Morello admits the Hollywood free show will be a very "satisfying" gig.

He tells MTV NEWS, "It's particularly richly satisfying because when I first moved to LA, I tried to get a retail job on Hollywood Boulevard. I walked up and down, and they wouldn't hire me in any of those stores.

"So it's going to be really nice that they're shutting down the street for Audioslave to rattle all the windows."

05/05/2005 03:05