Aubrey Plaza thinks ''everyone'' can relate to her 'Ingrid Goes West' character.

The 33-year-old actress plays loner Ingrid in the black comedy, which sees her develop an obsession with hipster Taylor (Elizabeth Olsen) after coming across her Instagram account, prompting her to move to California to infiltrate her life, and she insists her alter ego's extreme behaviour will strike a chord with most viewers.

She said ''I think everyone can relate to where Ingrid is coming from.

''Just wanting to be like someone else, or wanting someone to like you so badly, or being obsessed with someone else's identity. Just focusing all of your energy on somebody else's life online -- I think that's the thing that people do.

''They go down these rabbit holes on Instagram or Facebook, and you spend a lot of energy looking at people's lives, and you can't help but compare yourself to them, and it just feeds this weird toxic part of your brain.''

Aubrey believes the movie has perfectly captured the digital age and current obsession with social media.

She added in an interview with The Sunday Times: ''It does succeed in capturing a very specific time that we're in.''

The former 'Parks and Recreation' star thinks she is very different to how people perceive her to be.

She said: ''I was more type A at school than people would assume.

''I was always the president of whatever club was around. I was way sillier and outgoing and funny than deadpan, sulking in the corner. The weird, creepy girl, that's not me at all.''