The Parks and Recreation star is hoping to heal from knee surgery and get back into the sport, which she has been playing since she was a child.

"I am not consistent about working out at all," the 32-year-old confessed to New York Magazine's The Cut. "I was playing basketball and that was a big part of my workout routine, but I tore my ACL last year (16) and had knee surgery, so I haven’t been doing that. But I love yoga - that’s probably my favourite exercise, because I’m not so much into cardio.

"When my knee gets better I’ll probably go back to basketball. I’ve been playing since I was a kid, and I recently joined a team in L.A. There’s a women’s recreational league. My sister and I joined a team, and we play together competitively."

Ahead of her return to the basketball court, Aubrey has been focused on establishing the right wellness routine, and she admits her passion for tea is growing by the day.

"A big part of my on-set wellness routine involves tea," the Dirty Grandpa star explains. "I think tea, for me, is one of the most medicinal things that I do to my body. I am obsessed with tea. It's balancing mentally and physically, so I try to have as much tea as I can all day when I’m on set and just really stay hydrated."

For additional stress relief, Aubrey surrounds herself with stones.

"I love rocks and crystals and stuff like that," she shares. "I have different ones that I’ve gotten from places that I’ve travelled to. I just keep them around. I think they’re healing, and I think they’re nice."