Aubrey Plaza ''feels bad'' about herself if she spends too long online.

The 32-year-old actress plays the title role in 'Ingrid Goes West', in which her character obsessively models herself on Elizabeth Olsen's Instagram celebrity Taylor Sloane, and she can understand why people can get carried away with surfing the Internet.

She said: ''I'm familiar with going online and spending hours on there that ultimately make me feel bad about myself.

''So I think there were definitely times on set when I would just allow myself to go there, to exist in that space that we all are familiar with, but some of us don't really go into full force.''

In order to get into character for the film, Aubrey spend hours ''stalking'' her co-star, while Elizabeth, 27, did her best to make her friend ''uncomfortable''.

Aubrey told Vulture: ''I would just kind of stalk her on set. I would watch everything that she would do.''

Elizabeth admitted: ''And I tried to make you so uncomfortable.''

Aubrey added: ''And she would make me really uncomfortable. I took a picture of her the first day, and then that was my screensaver on my phone. I would look at it a lot. I don't know, I just really went for it.''

Meanwhile, Elizabeth would enjoy using social media more herself if she wasn't famous.

Asked if she likes using social media, she said: ''I think I'd enjoy it if I weren't an actor. There are a lot of funny things that are shared on it, and a lot of my friends, especially during the election year, would show me really funny things that were being passed around the internet that like, went viral -- I don't know what qualifies something as viral.''