Angry mums have lashed out at Atomic Kitten babe Natasha Hamilton for telling schoolgirl fans she won her Rear of the Year award by starving herself.

The stunning 20-year-old was opening a new theme park ride in Britain yesterday (24APR03) - the day after picking up the 'Best Backside' title.

Asked how she had got back into shape only seven months after giving birth, she replied, "That's easy - I just don't eat."

In of a crowd of around 400 youngsters, she continued, "That's how I've done it. The way to make a nice backside is not to eat."

Bandmate Jenny Frost tried to make a joke out of the comment, saying, "You can't say that!"

One furious mother of a Kitten fan, JOAN HARRINGTON, says, "I don't care if it was said seriously or as a joke - it's not right.

"My daughters worship those girls. I'll have to sit down with them how important eating properly really is."

25/04/2003 13:34