Former WESTLIFE star BRYAN McFADDEN has ordered his legal team to pay off a lapdancer who was planning to unleash their alleged sex secrets in court.

The pop singer has settled out-of-court with AMY BARKER, 29, after the blonde stripper threatened legal action against comments he made in Britain's HEAT magazine, in which he denied she gave him oral sex on his 2001 stag night.

The 24-year-old MANDY hunk - who has paid out an unknown sum of thousands of dollars (pounds) to silence the exotic dancer - publicly rubbished claims he cheated on ex-Atomic Kitten wife Kerry McFadden before their wedding.

But Barker hit back, vowing to prove her version of the story was accurate at a hearing in London's HIGH COURT - a public humiliation McFadden was desperate to avoid, according to Britain's The Sun newspaper, forcing him to pay up to stop the case.

A pal says, "Amy told the truth and now the world knows Bryan lied."

A written apology to Barker was also published in this week's (begs05JUL04) edition of Heat.

09/07/2004 02:21