British girl band Atomic Kitten will devastate fans by reportedly announcing their temporary split is actually for good - because they want to focus on their solo careers.

The sexy WHOLE AGAIN trio took a one-year break in February (04) to allow member NATASHA HAMILTON some quality time with her baby son JOSH, but sources tell British newspaper the DAILY STAR they will not be reuniting.

It's claimed singers Liz Mcclarnon and Jenny Frost are so dedicated to scoring solo success, neither want to return to the band, and Hamilton is also reluctant to rejoin her stage colleagues because she's fallen pregnant again.

An insider says, "When they split up, they did intend to reform after a year, but that won't be happening now. Jenny's single isn't out for a few months and even if Liz signed tomorrow, that still only leaves six months for her to release a single and album, have a solo career and then rejoin the band.

"Plus of course, Nat's pregnant now so it's been decided not to reform the group."

07/07/2004 08:56