Relations between the members of departing pop band Atomic Kitten have reached breaking point after singer Natasha Hamilton pulled out of a gig at the last moment.

The TIDE IS HIGH hitmakers are currently on their farewell tour - promising to regroup after Hamilton has a year off to spend time with baby son JOSH - but the atmosphere between the three girls is icy.

And bandmates Liz Mcclarnon and Jenny Frost are furious with Hamilton after she decided not to perform at their gig in Dublin, Ireland following a phone row with her fellow singers.

A source explains, "The official reason was that she was unwell. But the truth is she couldn't face playing with them. Jenny and Liz were already in Dublin and Tash was meant to be flying out to join them.

"But after the bust-up she made her driver take her home immediately. She turned her phone off so they couldn't call her back and it was only at 7pm that she bothered to call and say she wasn't coming.

"Everyone was in a panic. The girls were due onstage at 9pm. There's over 100 people working on the tour and it was a real crisis as Natasha sings lead vocals on so many of the tracks. The team were all really angry."

The two other girls carried on regardless and impressed onlookers with their gutsy performance. The group play their last gig tonight (11MAR04) in Hull, north England.

11/03/2004 13:46