Resting British girl group Atomic Kitten could be set for American stardom, after wowing movie bosses at studio giants Disney.

The WHOLE AGAIN hitmakers recently announced plans to take a year-long break, so bandmember Natasha Hamilton can spend time with her baby son and Jenny Frost and Liz Mcclarnon can pursue solo careers.

But they could be tempted back to try their luck in the US charts - after another of their songs has been snapped up to appear on the soundtrack of a Disney movie.

The band have already recorded SEE YA! for Freddie Prinze Jr movie BRING IT BACK, THE TIDE IS HIGH for THE LIZZY MAGUIRE MOVIE and I WISH I WAS A NORMAL GIRL for MULAN 2 - and now their latest hit LADIES NIGHT will feature in new film Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

If the song impresses American audiences they could reform for an attempt on the charts stateside.

A source says, "Getting a track on one Disney movie is a major achievement, but getting on four is amazing.

"You can't buy exposure like it. If they do take off there I guarantee they will be back together."

09/03/2004 02:25