Atomic Kitten beauty Natasha Hamilton credits a creepy encounter with her dead grandmother for cementing her belief in ghosts.

The WHOLE AGAIN singer recalls a "scary" experience soon after the passing of her gran, which involved the TV switching itself on and off while her family were mourning their loss.

She says, "I was round at my mum and dad's house. Obviously, we were really upset about losing her, and were missing her like mad. So we started talking about her, just remembering all the good times and everything.

"We reminisced about all the things she used to say, and her fave telly programmes and all that. Suddenly, the next thing we knew, the television had turned itself off. The remote control was on top of the telly, so it definitely wasn't any of us.

"Then the lights started switching themselves on and off. It was really scary. Mum said, 'That's my mum, that is. She's just letting us know that she's all right.'

"And the minute she said that, the telly came back on. Ever since then, I've definitely believed in ghosts."

14/10/2003 21:04