The lovely ladies from Atomic Kitten are overjoyed that one of their number has a baby - because he keeps them "chilled out" in the studio.

The British WHOLE AGAIN band lost original singer Kerry Katona when she chose to drop out and be a full-time wife to WESTLIFE star BRYAN McFADDEN. But when bandmember Natasha Hamilton found herself pregnant, she decided to stick with the group - and baby JOSH is completely welcome.

Katona's replacement Jenny Frost gushes, "It's really changed for the better, he really chills us out. When he's here we're all totally gaga, everyone's mood is just a lot lighter."

But Josh's mum Natasha insist her new arrival hasn't had a major impact on the band, saying, "Things have changed, but not much. We've still got the same busy schedule but we work around it.

"People are always looking out for me and Josh. We are together as much as we possibly can be, that's the top priority."

29/08/2003 13:24