British pop group Atomic Kitten have taken up a kick-boxing exercise regime in a bid to get fit for their upcoming tour.

The TIDE IS HIGH singers turned to the CHARLIE'S ANGELS style routine after tiring of conventional gym workouts - and now they are so hooked on the high impact regime they want to incorporate it into their onstage moves.

Bandmates Natasha Hamilton, Jenny Frost and Liz Mcclarnon have already got white belts in kick-boxing and are close to moving up to yellow belts.

A source says, "The girls got tired of treadmills and exercise bikes. So their trainer CARL persuaded them to go kickboxing. They absolutely loved it and decided to start going for private coaching.

"A couple of times a week they put on the white suits and get down to some serious fighting. Blokes will regret messing with them. Any nonsense and they'll be dispatched with a sharp kick or punch."

31/10/2003 14:13