Former Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona turned to drink and cocaine after her marriage to former Westlife star Brian McFadden ended. The couple split in September 2004 after two and a half years of marriage and two children, MOLLY and LILLY SUE. Four months later, the Irish pop heart-throb started dating Australian singer Delta Goodrem. Now clean and expecting her third child with fiance MARK CROFT, Katona admits she sought solace in the illegal narcotic after her MCFadden left. She says, "I was a complete mess. I was drinking and doing drugs because that was all I could think of to do because my life was such a mess. "Rather than think I had to sort my life out and deal with my problems, I just f**ked myself up even more with cocaine and booze. "I never let my children see me out of my head. I couldn't bear that." After Katona was branded a bad mother by her ex MCFadden and the British press, the SEE YA hitmaker decided to check into rehabilitation. She explains, "A year or so ago I did believe I was a bad mother, but now I'm not having any of that. I know I'm a really good mum."