Former Atomic Kitten beauty Jenny Frost credits her harsh experiences as a model in Japan with preparing her for the nasty side of the music industry.

The sexy English singer - who recently signed a contract with top model agency PREMIER - was only a teenager when she jetted out to Tokyo to pursue a career on the city's catwalks, but admits that chapter of her life still evokes bad memories.

However, Frost insists the "ruthless" nature of fashion industry heads made dealing with difficult music bosses easy.

She says, "I'd heard there was proper money to be made in Tokyo. If I'm honest, I naively saw it as a big adventure.

"I now can say that those three years gave me the tenacity to cope with whatever the music industry had to throw at me.

"Working in Japan was ruthless and lonely. It wasn't the b**ching from other models, it was my agency's and employer's attitude.

"I must have been a size six (American size two) then, and I remember going into castings where they'd screech, 'Too big!'"

20/10/2004 09:10