Former Atomic Kitten, Jenny Frost twisted a journalist's nipples because she was so furious about a fake story the reporter had written about her sex life.

The sexy singer, 26, was devastated when she read a report in British newspaper NEWS OF THE WORLD claiming she adored having sex on airplanes with her fiance, club DJ DOMINIC 'DOM T' THRUPP, 40, so she tracked down the female journalist and had her unusual revenge which, she insists, has successfully deterred other scribes from writing lies about her.

Frost explains, "I opened the paper and it was full of really disgusting, really intimate details. I cried my eyes out. How would you like it?

"To look as though you're openly talking about something like that. It's just not my style. I've since seen the journalist who wrote it.

"I said, 'How dare you say those things?' Then I got hold of her nipples and twisted them really hard. And they've never done anything like that to me again."

02/08/2004 21:32