Thousands of Atomic Kitten and Blue fans got the chance to tell chose what songs their idols to perform at a huge charity concert in Britain.

Around 15,000 fans at the PEPSI SILVER CLEF show at the MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS ARENA took part in a vote to decide which tunes the chart topping bands would play.

Last Wednesday's show (07MAY03), which also included Craig David and Liberty X, was spearheading a $1.5 million (GBP1 million) fundraising drive for the NORDOFF-ROBBINS MUSIC THERAPY charity.

The charity helps around 200 children and adults receive music therapy at its centre in north London each week.

It hopes the concert will raise around $750,000 (GBP500,000) with further cash from CD and DVD sales going towards establishing a centre for the charity in Manchester.

Atomic Kitten star Jenny Frost explains the charity was "very close" to the band's heart.

She says, "It's important for us for two reasons. One is that it is music therapy but secondly, because they want to open a centre up here in the North West, which is where we come from, so it's really, really important for us tonight.

"I lived on this very road for 17 years, on Bury New Road, so it's great to be back here doing something for such a good cause. Every bum on every seat out there has given money to charity."

15/05/2003 13:46