Former Atomic Kitten beauty Natasha Hamilton is making a return to music - just months after taking a year-long sabbatical from the band.

The TIDE IS HIGH singer, 23, begged bosses to let her stay out of the spotlight for at least 12 months after constant touring drove her to exhaustion. She also wanted to spend more time at home with baby son JOSH.

But just five months after the trio temporarily parted ways, Hamilton has decided to return to the studio and launch a solo career - just like bandmates Liz Mcclarnon and Jenny Frost.

A source says, "Natasha's back in the studio as she's missed music.

"She went through a difficult time after having Josh. She was diagnosed with post-natal depression which affected her weight.

"Natasha has always been incredibly ambitious. Things got too much for her but now she's had breathing space and time to sort herself out, she's remembered she's a great vocalist."

31/08/2004 13:52