Former Atomic Kitten star Natasha Hamilton has revealed she is marrying her boyfriend, business mogul RIAD ERRANJI, next year (07). The British FEELS SO GOOD chart-topper has been dating 29-year-old Erranji, who owns a string of cafes, for six months. Her spokesperson says, "He took her away for a romantic weekend and proposed over dinner." Hamilton, 24, met her future husband through pals in her hometown of Liverpool, North-West England, and is relieved she met him away from showbiz circles. She says, "He's a bit older so Atomic Kitten wouldn't have been his thing. At least he wasn't a groupie." Hamilton has two sons - four-year-old JOSH by celebrity club-owner Fran Cosgrave and 20-month-old HARRY by dancer GAVIN HATCHER.