Nightclub bosses in London have sacked Atomic Kitten from a planned gig, because bigger star Britney Spears has offered to perform on the same night.

Britney wants the 8 November (03) gig at ASTORIA gay event G.A.Y, to help her promote her new album in Britain - and organisers, who hope Spears will tempt new pal Madonna to join her on-stage, felt they couldn't turn the sexy star down.

The development is embarassing for the British girl group, who were themselves hoping to promote their new single and second album on the night.

The Kittens have even reportedly offered to support Britney - but have had no response from the American star.

A club source tells British tabloid The Sun, "There's no contest, really. If you are a venue and Britney Spears says she wants to perform, you clear the schedule."

09/10/2003 03:22