LATEST: Former Atomic Kitten beauty Kerry McFadden has finally split from her pop hunk husband BRIAN.

Kerry left the couple's marital home and has made a $855,000 (GBP475,000) cash offer for an apartment near her mother in Cheshire, England to recover from the end of their two-year marriage, allegedly caused by the former WESTLIFE singer's punishing solo schedule, which has left him no time to see Kerry or the couple's daughters MOLLY, three and LILY SUE, one.

A friend tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "When Brian left Westlife Kerry thought she would see more of him. But it has not worked out like that."

The couples spokesperson, PR guru Max Clifford, confirms, "I've been talking to Kerry daily and she is extremely upset. I have also seen Brian who is devastated. It has happened because they have been kept apart from each other.

"The marriage was under pressure because of Brian's hectic touring schedule. He has been busy promoting his first solo single REAL TO ME."

Kerry famously forgave her husband after a British tabloid expose accused him of sleeping with a lapdancer on his stag night, shortly before the couple wed in January 2002.

27/09/2004 02:59