The first night of Atomic Kitten's British tour on Saturday (29NOV03) was nearly thrown into chaos by the police - after they stopped the girls' tour bus.

The feisty trio were travelling to Minehead, Somerset to kick off their tour at the town's BUTLINS holiday resort when traffic cops pulled over their bus - because they were unhappy about the vehicle's modified number plate.

Singer Natasha Hamilton explains, "On the journey we had a run in with the police. Don't blame us though, blame our tour manager, who has been showing off with a trendy new number plate he's had made which makes some numbers look like letters.

"Apparently the police are really strict about letters and spacing, and they weren't happy with our number plate."

However, the girls turned on their charm for the police officers - and persuaded them to let their journey continue.

Natasha adds, "They were very nice and let us get back on our way in time to get to Minehead for the show rehearsal."

02/12/2003 13:34