British trio Atomic Kitten have hit back at accusations of "bitchiness" made by chart rivals THE Sugababes, claiming they have no time for "backstabbing".

Sugababe Mutya Buena recently spoke out about the "bitchiness" she and her bandmates had encountered from Kitten Natasha Hamilton, and slammed the singer for ignoring them simply because their tour manager used to date her boyfriend GAVIN HATCHER.

But Natasha and bandmate Jenny Frost insist nothing could be further from the truth, and any nastiness came from the Sugababes themselves.

Natasha fumes, "Just because we're a girlband and so are they, the papers think there's a big rivalry going on. We're nice girls, we get on with people.

"We're girl's girls, but we're not stupid. If someone's going to be blatantly nasty to us and say bad things, we're not the kind of people who are going to take that s***."

Jenny adds, "If there are other girl bands in the industry, it's great. We like it. Of course it's competition, but that's healthy. Just because we might be up against them in the charts it doesn't mean we're not going to speak to them.

"We don't have any bitchy backstabbing."

28/10/2003 17:28