LATEST: Atomic Kitten beauty Natasha Hamilton has been slammed by health experts for boasting she won her Rear of the Year award by simply not eating.

The brunette singer, 20, gave birth to son JOSH just eight months ago (24AUG02) but has already managed to shed her excess baby weight and slim down to a svelte size eight.

But in front of a 400 strong audience, mostly comprised of young girls, the pretty ETERNAL FLAME star revealed how she lost the weight saying, "That's easy - I just don't eat. The way to a nice backside is not to eat."

One fan, former anorexia sufferer VICKI CARTER, criticised the pop singer saying, "Natasha's comments are totally irresponsible. She's aware of the influence she has on young girls. What she said is completely inappropriate."

While DR DEE DAWSON, an eating disorder specialist at London's RHODES FARM Clinic, blasted the skinny mum by exclaiming, "Natasha's comments are ridiculous, not to mention irresponsible. I expect she didn't mean it but children take remarks like this literally."

27/04/2003 11:32