Aston Merrygold is planning to get his ''whole back'' tattooed in tribute to his baby.

The former JLS singer is expecting his first child with girlfriend Sarah Richards and though he's not sure what artwork he'll get to celebrate his love for the tot, he's definitely planning a statement piece.

Asked if he'd get a tattoo for the baby, he said: ''Oh definitely. I'm not sure yet, I don't know honestly, I just think being as were going to all over the place anyway as soon as baby's here, so it's probably going to be another spontaneous one, probably with my whole back or something.''

But the 29-year-old pop star insists it would be ''creepy'' to do something similar for his partner.

Asked if he has one for Sarah, he exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''Have I got what, a tattoo. No. That's a bit creepy. She's says no, it's fine.''

Though the 'Beat Again' singer admitted he and Sarah didn't plan to have a baby together, he thinks their busy schedules would have made it too difficult to find the right time anyway.

He said: ''No, not planned, but it was never going to be planned because of the lifestyle we lead. We're always both working, from tours to shows, I'm hardly ever here, both of us, and when we are here we want to spend time together. So it's like we cherish them moments, so it's nothing you can really plan, I don't think, within our circumstances.''

Aston has previously vowed to be a ''hands-on'' father and insists having a baby doesn't mean life has to change completely.

Asked if he'll be a hands-on dad, he said: ''A hundred per cent. I'm hoping to tour next year but I want Sarah and the baby to come with me.

''Having a baby doesn't stop you doing anything.''