Aston Merrygold doesn't mind men trying to flirt with his girlfriend.

The JLS star has been dating dancer Sarah Richards for seven months, and finds it complimentary when guys try and hit on her when they are out partying.

When asked if she gets approached, Aston told new! magazine: ''Yes - more often than women come up to me! It's fine. I just go, 'Ah, that's my girlfriend.' It's a compliment.''

Since they got together last summer things have been going well between Aston, 25, and Sarah, but he's not quite ready to commit to moving in together yet.

He explained: ''For me, in my world right now, it's a bit like, 'Nah, that's too soon.' It's too soon to think of any of that kind of stuff.''

Babies are also off the cards for the 'Everybody in Love' singer, who responded to a question about having children soon, by saying: ''No. That's a really blunt answer I've just given you, but no - really not happening.''