Asia Argento has blasted Rose McGowan for her ''lies'' about her.

Rose recently retracted her statement that the 43-year-old star had received sexually explicit texts from her sexual assault accuser Jimmy Bennett when he was just 12 years old but Asia says the allegations have ruined her career.

She said: ''Rose said I was receiving nudes from a 12 year old boy and that can not only ruin someone's career but also people's trust in that person and breaking me as a human being.

''I've never suffered anything so grave as this injustice and these lies.''

''I just have to focus right now, without resentment, because I'm satisfied to a certain degree that at least Rose retracted her lies, but I have to focus on rebuilding my own life and the wellbeing of my family and my career.''

Earlier this year, Jimmy, 22, claimed that he and Asia - whom he starred with in 'The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things' when he was eight and she played his mother - had sex at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Marina del Rey, California when he was 17 and she was 37. The legal age of consent in the state is 18.

Asia has since accused Jimmy of assaulting her and said she found the allegations even more difficult to deal with as they came when she was trying to cope with the suicide of her partner Anthony Bourdain.

She told MirrorOnline: ''Calling me these things as I was trying to help my children understand something so incompressible that I was also trying to understand and still try to understand every day and probably never will understand.

''Since early September, my son is living with his dad in the States and it's a decision we made together to protect him, because at first people were framing me like a paedophile and I can't think of a worse stigma for someone.

''I have faced this year, huge adversity and I don't know how many people could have recovered from this and I know I haven't fully recovered from this.''