'New Year's Eve' has been roundly shoed by critics ahead of its release tomorrow on December 9, 2011. Whilst it was co-stars Ashton Kutcher and Lea Michele making the headlines for other reasons on the red carpet this week, their frivolities haven't distracted reviewers from what's been viewed as an extremely poor film; as it stands 'New Year's Eve' has an average rating of 4% on the critic aggregating site Rotten Tomatoes.
At the premiere in Los Angeles this week, Kutcher and Michele caused a stir as they arrived on the red carpet at the same time. One there, they became very touchy feely with each other, laughing and flirting in front of the cameras, this despite Kutcher's recent split from wife Demi Moore. However, beyond that the media haven't been impressed with 'New Year's Eve' though; Time Out New York said "It all adds up to a celebrity-obsessed city symphony played on one painfully flat note," while Sky Movies admonished "It's basically Love Actually without the . wit, pathos, humanity, humour and modest wage bill of Richard Curtis' seasonal luvvie-in."
Perhaps most cutting however were View London who scathed, "Disappointing, cynically contrived and desperately unfunny ensemble romcom that falls painfully flat thanks to dull characters, an irritating script and some deeply misguided mawkish sentimentality that's unintentionally the funniest thing in the film." 'New Year's Eve's' only saving grace might be the bankability of its leading stars, Kutcher and Michele's stock both high thanks to their roles in 'Two And A Half Men' and 'Glee' respectively.