Ashton Kutcher has a problem with his girlfriend Demi Moore's recent appearance on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE - she stole the show from him.

While Kutcher hosted the long-running show on Saturday (19MAR05), Moore took to the stage dressed as an elderly woman to mock the couple's much-hyped age difference. And Kutcher admits he's disturbed nobody remembers his comedic efforts - which included dressing up as Julia Roberts and dressing down as BRITNEY SPEARS' husband Kevin Federline.

He says of Moore, "She's funny. She stole the show. My friends kept calling today: 'Demi is so funny!' I'm like, 'I was on the show, too. I actually hosted it!' They're like, 'Yeah, you're alright, but she's funny, man!'"

23/03/2005 13:51